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Safety always comes first and there are a few special rules associated with using the Airpark Lodge. The Airpark is unique in Germany and it only works if every participant adheres to these rules.

Here you find a summary of the important things.

Please read everything carefully and confirm at the end with your signature on our form (Version 2022-3).

added with last update: 7.1. washmachine
    1. safety comes first – therefore considerate behavior and caution towards other members/participants/visitors of the community is a matter of course! Please note the etiquette.
  2. Taxiways / right of way / traffic rules / parking:
    1. airplanes ALWAYS have the right of way, including pedestrians. Taxiways are to be entered or driven on with great caution. Children are not allowed to stay within 10m from the middleline of the taxiway without supervision.
    2. You can park the plane directly in front of the lodge or alternatively next to it in a north-west direction. Property 71A between the cargo containers and the lodge also belongs to us.
    3. there is currently no way to attach the aircraft to the ground. In strong winds/thunderstorms, please ensure that the aircraft is parked on the front apron and tied up there.
    4. keep the aircraft far enough away from the taxiway so that the tail fin has a distance of at least 15m to the center line of the taxiway.
    5. more info
  3. Use of hot tub/oven/grill/fire pit:
    1. children are not allowed to make fires, operate the gas grill, heat up the stove or use the whirlpool – parents are responsible for their children!
    2. do not use any glasses while using the whirlpool, kindly use the available plastic cups in the kitchen
    3. to heat up rather use light wood and paper first, then add heavier wood like birch or oak.
    4. during very dry periods open fire is not allowed due to the risk of forest fire.
  4. Use of the whirlpool:
    1. Children are not allowed to make fires on their own to light the stove.
    2. the whirlpool may only be used under supervision. Parents/guardians are responsible for their children!
    3. always remove or mount the cover with at least two people.
    4. after using the whirlpool for the last time, please drain the water (sideways) and properly fasten all rubbers to the appropriate metal hooks so that the lid is tight and does not fly off again in strong winds.
  5. Golf driving range:
    1. the golf course in front of the lodge can only be used by residents of our property (Airpark Lodge).
    2. Aircraft and vehicles of all kinds ALWAYS have priority and right of way.
    3. Children are not allowed to stay within 10m from the middle line of the taxiway without supervision. The taxiway must be kept clear.
    4. Golfing is only permitted under the highest precautions.
    5. If an airplane announces itself, playing over the taxiway is no longer permitted and must be suspended. Play on the other side of the taxiway: use the selfdropzone and play towards the forest only.
  6. House:
    1. when entering kindly ALWAYS take off your shoes in the lodge. We generally appreciate if you take good care of the brandnew building and equipment.
  7. Washmachine:
    1. kindly put the existing washing machine tabs directly into the drum together with the laundry and never in the washing powder compartment (risk of flooding).
  8. Garbage disposal:
    1. please dispose of the rubbish at the entrance to the Airpark in the recycling container provided.
  9. Underfloor heating:
    1. the house has an electric underfloor heating. It is therefore not permitted to place any bigger objects (pillows, blankets, mats, etc.) on the floor. „there is a danger of overheating“
  10. Entering the roof terrace:
    1. the roof terrace is currently only open to adults because the manufacturer has not yet properly secured the stairs. Children are not allowed to enter without supervision. Parents are responsible for their children. Caution: slippery when wet!
  11. Entering other properties in the Airpark:
    1. entering someone else’s property at the Airpark is only permitted with the permission of the owner. We ask that you always respect their privacy.
  12. Use of the natural pond:
    1. bathing is generally not allowed as there is no supervisor present. Swimming at your own risk only.
  13. Noise protection:
    1. please observe the night’s rest in the evening and at night and respect the wishes of the neighbors.
  14. General Responsibility:
    1. with every booking there is a responsible person who is liable to us, who instructs the other participants accordingly and ensures that the rules listed here are strictly observed.
    2. Any damage to property is reported transparently, documented and, if possible, repaired directly after prior consultation.
    3. The responsible person has previously taken out liability insurance for any damage caused to or in the lodge.
    4. With his signature and version number he confirms that he has thoroughly read, understood and accepted everything

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to send us the signed PDF (download here) back via eMail before your arrival.

Many other questions should be answered in the FAQ´s.

If there are any more questions or ambiguities, please contact us in good time.

Thank you very much for your kind understanding and cooperation!